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Request Samples

We offer a personalized swatching/sampling service for customers who cannot visit our store.

At this time we do not sell items through our site, so we offer this swatching service as an alternative.

It costs $10 for a lifetime membership and you never need to renew. This fee covers the cost of the samples and mailing them by USPS. If you need them sooner, you can pay for them to be expedited. If you need help, or would like to talk to an actual person, call us at 203-846-1333!

1. Tell us what fabric fiber and weave you would like for samples, ie: wool crepe, silk 4-ply, linen, embroidery etc.


2. Tell us what you plan to make. If we have a better idea of what you are constructing, we can find the right weight and drape. If you are upholstering a chair or making a fitted skirt, they could both use the same fabric!

3. Tell us the colors you like or don't like. We need to know if you want a solid, a tweed(mix of colors) or a print with an actual pattern. If you want a pattern, what type of style do you prefer? Paisley, plaid, floral, geometric, mid-century modern, etc.

4. Tell us how much yardage you need. We don't want to send you samples of fabrics that don't have enough yardage. Because we buy end cuts and closeouts, we cannot order more.  We also sell to the public in the store, so we don't want to sell out by the time you receive the samples. 

5. Include Name, Phone, Email and Mailing address so that we can reach you for questions. Please do NOT include credit card numbers in emails. If you would like to pay for the membership, you can call us with your card, or mail us a check.

6. We will custom cut samples to match your request. The samples will be about 1.5" wide by 6" long.

7. The samples will be dated and numbered on the left hand side. We will also write the fiber content, price and width beside each sample.

8. Either Call us at 203-846-1333 to ask for samples or submit the form below. If you are doing multiple projects, submit more than 1 request.

Sample Request

Thanks for submitting!

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