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New Arrivals

We are constantly receiving new fabrics, and we try to keep updating photos as they arrive.
We do delete older photos, so if you don't see a photo that was here earlier, try looking in the other two fabric categories.
Polyester & Lycra Crepe
Washable, soft drape, with the same quality of 4 ply silk at a fraction of the cost.
Cottons & Lycra Wovens
Woven stretch cottons with lycra. Lightweight, washable, great for blouses & dresses.
Cotton Seersucker
Washable, soft, cool, comfortable. Other colors too!
Cotton Eyelet
Embroidered Linen and Heavier twill linens for dresses and pants. Washable, soft and very cool for summer. We have over 80 linens!
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